Lunchwebinar with Simon Senzon about Correcting the Historical Facts in the Chiropractic Literature

Join leading chiropractic historian and researcher Dr. Simon Senzon as he takes us on a fascinating journey uncovering the facts of chiropractic – the true history and philosophy of the profession. In this webinar, Dr. Senzon will share groundbreaking findings from his extensive study of chiropractic’s roots.

You’ll learn:

– The real story behind chiropractic’s early textbooks and the Morikubo trial that helped establish chiropractic as a distinct profession
– Insights about O.G. Smith’s impact on the early profession
– How bias and poor scholarship have distorted the historical record – and what the actual evidence shows
– Why understanding chiropractic’s rich heritage and philosophical underpinnings is crucial for today’s practitioners and students

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the facts on where chiropractic came from and why it matters from one of the foremost authorities on the subject. Whether you’re a chiropractic history buff or just seeking a deeper understanding of the profession, this webinar promises insights that will change how you view chiropractic.

Simon Senzon is a social scientist, historian, philosopher and one of the most prolific authors in the chiropractic profession. With over 25 years of research on the history and philosophy of chiropractic, his work has resulted in more than 30 peer-reviewed papers, the publication of 18 volumes of chiropractic books, numerous articles and lectures, and a reputation as an internationally renowned chiropractic thought leader.

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