Dear Members

The second quarter issue of the WFC’s Quarterly World Report is out! It is packed with news, features and stories from around the world and is our largest issue so far.

The QWR has evolved to be the definitive global chiropractic publication, featuring everything from the WFC as well as sections dedicated to research, education and world news. Each issue is supported by hyperlinked advertising and links to our partner organizations.

Our mission is to advance awareness, utilization and integration of chiropractic internationally. The QWR is a vital tool that supports us in this mission and we ask that you share it with your networks, whether they be association memberships, customer databases or student bodies.

This April issue of the QWR can be accessed online at

As always, we invite submissions for future issues – the copy deadline is June 15 for our July 1, 2022 publication. In the meantime, download your personal copy and enjoy!
With best wishes
Richard Brown DC, LL.M