Seminar i Stockholm: The Injured Brain

A Non-invasive Brain Stimulation Protocol for Brain Recovery Presenter: Joseph Shafer DC, DIBAK

Don´t miss this special occasion! 

Two 3-day seminars in the Brain-Recovery Academy Protocols

Weekend#1: 15-17 March 2024

Weekend#2: 19-21 April 2024

Location: Stockholm Sport Concussion & Kiropraktik Klinik

Course Objectives
1. Provide the practitioner with clinically effective methods for post-traumatic brain injury.
a. Transcranial vibration/percussion challenges for brain oscillation asynchrony.
b. Neurologic examination tests evidencing disturbances in the central integrative state.
b. Transcranial magnetic, paired associative and somatosensory combined stimuli for plasticity enhancement.
2. Introduce the simple and effective clinical evaluation and treatment methods of emotional disorders.
a. Anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, memory & learning disabilities.

Price: € 650.00/ 3-day weekend
~ Special deal! only € 1100.00 for BOTH weekends before 15/2.
For more information about  registration and payment:
Stockholm Sport Concussion & Kiropraktorklinik +46706085700

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